Things to try when your Surface won’t power on

You have recently purchased your expensive tablet and what you see after a few days that it won’t turn on. Alas! This is enough to freak you out and make you worried.

When you carry out a research on Google, you get to know that many others are facing the same problem with their Surface. And then you heave a sigh of relief because now you are not alone in this trouble.

But, in my personal opinion, I would suggest you to know why your Surface is not turning on. 

Have you turned it off abruptly or visited a cold area? Ask such questions to yourself and you will get your answer. So, below I have mentioned some probable reasons why this is happening with your Surface. 

Why won’t your tablet turn on?

  1. Most probably, there is an issue with your charger or the charging point. A black screen usually appears on a Microsoft tablet (Surface) when it is not charged properly. No matter how hard you try, it won’t turn on. Therefore, experts suggest the users charge their tablets completely or partially before turning them on.
  2. As already mentioned in the introductory part, such a situation usually arrives when you have visited a place with extreme climatic conditions or extremely cold place. Just like a human being gets frozen there, the same might happen with your tablet or other gadgets as well. Similarly, when you visit an extremely hot place, the devices you carry along with yourself may get overheated.
  3. Other than this, the tablet might have gone in deep sleep mode due to its outdated features. In this scenario, it may fail to wake up ultimately resulting in power failure. 

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Now, that you know what is causing your Surface not to power on, it’s time to find out the best solutions to troubleshoot this problem. These solutions are quite simple that even a child can try them. So, let us begin.

Troubleshooting methods to turn on your Surface

Method 1

  1. In the beginning, attach a power cord to the tablet.
  2. Next up, locate the power button, press it, and continue holding it for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Then, keep pressing and releasing this button repeatedly. 
  4. Wait for a couple of seconds and your tab will turn on.

Method 2

  1. Simply press the power button one time.
  2. Then, you need to locate the Volume Up button.
  3. Hold and press this button for 15 seconds along with the Power button.
  4. When you see the Surface logo, release both the buttons.
  5. Try turning it on like you usually do.

Some quick tips:

If you have tried these solutions and nothing is working, then you may consider these helpful tips to enjoy using Surface again.

  • Check for any damages in the power cord.
  • Lookout for any damages in the charging point.
  • Try using another power adapter.
  • Try checking the power outlet for electricity.

Last but not the least, you may take it to the Microsoft Store for getting the problem fixed. In case it is under warranty, you may get it replaced.