How to access MS Office Word application on Mac OS?

Microsoft is one of the standalone application that is used generally for completing our official and institutional work and assignments. It is the standard word processing app for the PCs and computers that run with the Windows OS. However, the Word application is not a central program on the Mac operating system. This comes with text editing software and offers its own version of the Word processing program via iwork.

Don’t you worry, there is an MS Word app that offers its interface in Mac OS. With the combination of natural style and intuitive layout on Mac OS X, the Office word is easy to access. In this article, you will get the insights to access MS Office Word application on Mac OS. So, without any further discussions let us take the topic further to the discussion.

What are the steps to access MS Office Word application on Mac OS?

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  1. First of all, open the MS Word application and you will see the Doc1 automatically appear.
  2. Analyze the layout size of the doc. Now go to the “File” option and tap on the “Page setup” option.
  3. The standard size of the page is 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches high.
  4. The default setting size of the page is already set if you wish to change the doc size tap on the “Paper size” tab and select the preferred size.
  5. The new doc is on the Portrait mode just to change this, go to the “Orientation” tab, and choose the icon to change the configurations.
  6. Changing the configurations you will be able to convert the doc to Landscape mode.
  7. Now, go to the icon menu bar and choose “Toolbox”
  8. This contains the common options such as font style and sizes, alignment and space, borders, margins, and bullets along with reference tools such as thesaurus dictionary.
  9. If you wish to zoom in or zoom out the doc just go back to the menu bar and choose the desired percentage of “Zoom”.
  10. The MS Word is a highly versatile program that can be used to write simple letters to use its note-taking app.
  11. Moreover, you can also write reports, blogs, or newsletters. The Word’s graphic tool allows you to make creative assignments.
  12. Go to the “File” menu and tap on the “Project Gallery” option.
  13. Now browse through the templates that are offered for Office Home and business.
  14. Choose the template that you like and tap on the “Open” option.
  15. When the new doc opens up, you can use colors, fonts to use other options with MS Word options.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that this article has helped you to access MS Office Word application on Mac OS. However, if you still have issues with the steps that are elaborated in this article then we simply recommend you to visit the official website of Microsoft Office and get assistance from the customer support assistants.