– Setup Microsoft Office Account

Things you can do with an Office account

  1. 1) Get started- if you are a new user and wish to explore the world of creativity and productivity, you just need a single account.
  2. 2) Edit security info- if you ever feel like changing your password or updating any other information related to your account, you can easily do it here.
  3. 3) Track activities- here, you can also review your search history, locations, and more.
  4. 4) Manage subscriptions- Moreover, it allows you to edit or update your billing details along with renewing your products. In addition to this, you can also cancel your subscriptions from here.
  5. 5) Access your desired products- with this account, you can easily get hands on your desired products and services.
  6. 6) Get connected- single account login is enough to connect you to Skype, Xbox, files and photos shared by others.

How to create an Office account?

To create an Office account, find the instructions given below and follow them carefully:

  1. 1) From a preferred web browser, visit
  2. 2) A Microsoft login page will open
  3. 3) Here, tap on ‘No account? Create one!’ option
  4. 4) In this page, enter a valid email address
  5. 5) Or, tap on ‘Use a phone number instead’. (Note: choose this option if you wish to create the account using your phone number)
  6. 6) Click ‘Next’ after entering your phone number
  7. 7) Now, you will need to create a password
  8. 8) After creating a strong password, choose ‘Next’
  9. 9) Complete some prompts and you are good to go

How to download
Office Setup (Windows)?

The steps to download Microsoft Office setup depends on the mode of purchase, i.e., Online or Offline:

How do I log in to Office ‘My Account’?

Follow these few simple steps for a successful login at Office account:

  1. 1) First of all, go to
  2. 2) This will redirect you to the Microsoft login page
  3. 3) Here, enter the registered email address and click Next
  4. 4) After this, enter the password you created for this
  5. 5) Again, click Next after entering the password

Hopefully, now you know all the basics of Office My Account. For further information, navigate to the official website of Office and get the relevant answers to your queries. A user is suggested to create a strong password during account creation and choose the alternative account recovery options to avoid future troubles.

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